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Relative age dating images

For older inks, the second aging process (setting of resins) predominates. Unfortunately, no specific research is available regarding the aging of gel pen ink, although there are reports on the chemical composition of gel pen ink. Quantitative Hyperspetral Imaging of Historical Documents: Technique and Applications. Some solvents, like oleic acid, do not easily evaporate, but oxidize with age (Cantu, A. As gel pens are now becoming popular, studies regarding the aging of their ink will likely emerge, and enter into the criminal justice system. Many attempts have been made to determine the age of ink in the last 30 years.

The objective of this work is to define and corroborate a method of analysis for questioned documents pertaining to the relative aging of writings.

Examination of ink using hyperspectral comparator (HSC) is a non-destructive process and has repeatable methods.

With the application of this latest technology, the present work, with its innovative approach, will be able to answer: Hyperspectral Imaging in Forensic Document Examination Magdalena, Jaun, Gongora, Itxaso, and Rosa (2010) reviewed the different analytical methods that had been used in the field of forensics in dating inks from different modern writing instruments.

Each of these two aging processes causes measurable changes in several aging properties.

More than one method is often used to measure the changes of a given property; each method is associated with an aging parameter. Hyperspectral Imaging: Potential in Non-destructive analysis of Palimpsests.

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The two more commonly studied ink aging properties are: 1) how well an ink extracts into a weak solvent, and 2) how much solvent remains in the ink.

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